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Dealing with your dental insurance can be a confusing process.  We have prepared this document to help you better understand the complexities of the dental insurance relationship.  To begin, we feel obligated to highlight a misconception – dental insurance is not designed to pay for all dental care.  Unfortunately, dental insurance has not kept pace with the rising cost of care and economic inflation.  Most contracts have limitations and/or various degrees of patient responsible co-payments.  By which, we do not have access to the contractual information as stipulated by your employer (or self as Individual).  The responsibility of acquiring awareness of contractual information is yours. 

All levels of payments and percentages by insurance companies, including allowed fees, downgrades, and exclusions are governed by the premiums paid by your employer (or self as Individual).  They are not stipulated by the actual dental procedure charges.  Our fees are based upon a combination of our costs, our time invested, and our constant dedication to providing our patients with the highest quality of dental careThe treatment recommended by our office is never based on what your insurance company will cover.  Your insurance contract should not govern your treatment acceptance.

Please understand that the dental insurance contract is between the insurance company, your employer (or self as Individual), and the insured.  We are an unrelated party to your insurance contract.  Our obligation is to process the applicable fee schedule and claims as stipulated by our contract with insurance companies.  The subscriber bears the ultimate financial responsibility.  We do our very best to estimate insurance reimbursement and process claims on your behalfTherefore, we cannot guarantee benefits, coverage, or insurance payment. 

You have the right to appeal any claim denial.   After you have contacted your insurance company for appeal instructions, if necessary, we will be happy to assist you in the process.  As always, you may feel free to ask any member of our staff for clarification on services, billing, and insurance claim processing. 

We trust this information to be helpful.  We strongly suggest that you review your insurance contract thoroughly.  

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