The conservative, cosmetic appeal of composite dental fillings in Boulder, CO

Composite dental fillings themselves, and the process of placing them, embodies the very “heart” of Alleman Family Dental; we believe in conservative, cosmetic, convenient, and comfortable treatments to support a healthy and stunning smile. Additionally, Dr. Daniel Alleman leverages the latest, safest technologies and highest quality dental materials for sophisticated treatment, which facilitates the most desirable outcomes and the most pleasant experience at our well-appointed office in Boulder, CO.

When only a composite dental filling will do

We work with you to prevent the need for a filling in the first place. When you are in a healthy routine of visiting our office at least once every six months, we can catch tooth decay early. At this stage, erosion or early decay may be resolved with oral hygiene modifications or other preventive therapies. A filling is more conservative and less invasive than other restorative options, ranging from inlays and onlays to full-coverage crowns. Furthermore, the smaller the area of decay (or cavity), the more conservative the filling. A small filling, in turn, preserves more natural tooth structure. The more tooth structure that we can conserve, the better for the natural tooth. Conservative treatments generally support the long-term structural integrity of the tooth, and better replicate natural form and function.

By their nature, composite resin fillings are also more conservative than traditional fillings made from other types of dental materials such as amalgams. These silver-hued amalgam fillings contain metals, such as tin and copper. Due to how they are placed, “silver” fillings require that more natural tooth structure be drilled away to accommodate the filling material.

Composite Dental Fillings Boulder CO

We generally place the non-metal composite resin material in layers to the prepared tooth. The color-matched material is pliable and, as each layer is placed, it is hardened with a specialized dental instrument. As a finishing touch, the tooth is precisely refined and polished to restore its natural luster and beauty. Advanced materials and conservative, tooth-preserving techniques contribute to a treated tooth that is quite durable.

Healthy smiles for life

Fillings are a straightforward procedure, that may require little more than a localized numbing medication for added comfort.We are also happy to discuss other options to help you relax in the dentist’s chair, though we take great pride in our warm, comfortable approach! We also use advanced laser dentistry, which is a great “no-shot” option for dentally fearful patients.

Moreover, this common treatment prevents the need for much more extensive treatments, and even the loss of the tooth (not all teeth can be “saved” with root canal therapy). Do not delay scheduling your appointment today.