Your goal smile is within reach with cosmetic dentistry treatments in Boulder, CO

The process of restoring your confident smile is not an insurmountable climb at Alleman Family Dental. In fact, the experience is just the opposite; we have made it easy and stress-free to get the attractive smile you used to have, or the one you have always wanted. Your goal for cosmetic dentistry in Boulder, CO is within reach, because Dr. Alleman has lifted many of the traditional barriers to better-looking teeth and gums.

How we make your “goal” smile

Generally, an attractive smile is balanced and proportional in every way. The teeth are evenly white, free of yellow discoloration or strains. They are not overly “toothy,” or projecting too much. Likewise, healthy gums are not overly gummy in appearance, nor do they recede and expose too much of the tooth (see: “toothy smile”). Additionally, the teeth are evenly spaced, no gaps, overlaps or misalignment. Teeth should be regularly shaped and regularly sized, and free of chips and other surface imperfections. Some unwanted smile features, such as stains, can indicate oral health conditions that require restorative care. Rest assured, restorative treatments are as pleasing to the eye as they are functional. These treatments, whether purely elective (cosmetic) or primarily restorative in nature, include:

  • Take-home whitening – We use the KöR system to lift even stubborn or intrinsic discoloration caused by substances such as tetracycline. Proprietary whitening trays are also uniquely designed to minimize or eliminate sensitivity, and to ensure the most comfortable experience and even application of the bleaching gel.
  • Discreet straightening – Yes, you can correct crowded, crooked, gapped teeth without braces. Dr. Alleman may find that you are a great candidate for SureSmile®, which uses a series of clear aligner trays to incrementally reposition teeth. These oral appliances may be removed when eating and caring for your teeth. So, they are also considered to be a comfortable and convenient way to straighten your teeth.
Cosmetic Dentistry Boulder CO

Porcelain veneers – These thin layers of durable and natural-looking porcelain are versatile; they can be used to correct gaps, chips and minor fractures, and size- and shape-oriented irregularities. Veneers correct cosmetic concerns by disguising these and other unwanted smile features. The prepared porcelain is perfectly color-matched and applied to the natural tooth enamel, which is also slightly reduced to accommodate the thickness of the veneer.

Veneers, as well as cosmetic restorations such as porcelain crowns, may even be made onsite while you wait with our computer aided CEREC system. Additionally, do not let cost concerns stand in the way of the treatments that you need and want. We accept many different types of payment, offer CareCredit financing, and encourage those without insurance to explore our Membership Club Discounts. We welcome your questions about treatment. Schedule a consultation today.