Get to know a peak achievement in tooth replacement: Dental implants in Boulder, CO

Your oral health journey at Alleman Family Dental in Boulder, CO is generally a smooth one. We partner with each of our patients to help them keep their natural teeth, and to avoid painful problems such as gum disease. However, we understand that there may be some rocky terrain along that otherwise smooth journey. When new medical conditions or challenges to your oral health arise, Dr. Daniel Alleman is privileged to offer his extensive knowledge and experience to rebuild teeth and restore healthy functionality with dental implants.

Dental implants to the rescue!

Traditionally, patients with gaps in their smile or extractions on the horizon had limited options to fill those spaces. These options generally included conventional bridges and traditional, removable dentures. Conventional bridges are not the most conservative type of tooth replacement, in that the teeth on each side of the gap must be reduced in size. Why? These neighboring teeth serve as abutments, which support the pontic or replacement tooth. To provide adequate support, these teeth must be “reinforced,” with the addition of a crown. All crowns require that a portion of the natural teeth be removed. That way, the crown fits perfectly over the natural teeth. Additionally, to be a candidate for traditional bridges, patients must have healthy, neighboring teeth since the replacement teeth depend on them for their stability.

Conventional dentures include a base that is color-matched to replicate gum tissue, as well as prosthetic teeth. These dentures sit on top of the natural tissues. They depend on natural suction to conform well to the surrounding tissues. So, the fit of the denture plays a critical part in how well they feel and function in your mouth. Lower dentures can be challenging to secure, as the mouth’s floor does not provide the same natural suction as the roof of the mouth. Patients may have to contend with dental adhesives and other products to prevent the denture from sliding around, and from causing sores and discomfort.

Dental Implants Boulder CO

Dental implants are used to create an artificial tooth (or artificial teeth) that are designed like natural and healthy teeth. Natural teeth contain roots, which hold the crown or white, visible part of the tooth in place. Cylindrical in shape,each implant is strategically placed in the jawbone. So, they function like natural tooth roots. Made from biocompatible materials, implants join naturally to bony tissue. They provide a solid foundation for the overlying crown, bridge, or complete denture. In turn, implant-supported restorations:

  • Are not going anywhere! They are “rooted” in place by the implant, like how a natural root stabilizes the tooth that develops with you.
  • Last – Treat them like your natural teeth to keep the disease away, and they can last a lifetime.
  • Prevent destructive bone loss – Just like your muscles, the bone in your jaw requires “exercise” or stimulation to keep it strong. The jawbone is stimulated, courtesy of chewing, grinding, and biting food. When teeth are lost or are replaced with systems that do not transfer the force from biting to the jaw, the bone retreats. This process hastens problems with eating, speech, and can also make you look older than you are (remember facial tissues also get their support from strong bone).

We hope this introduction to dental implants piques your interest. Now, we look forward to discussing this “peak” achievement in dentistry and tooth replacement with you. Call us today to schedule your appointment.