“All-tissue” laser for comfortable, versatile, low-risk, and predictable dentistry in Boulder, CO

There are almost 2,300 general dentists in Colorful Colorado. And we at Alleman Family Dental in Boulder, CO are proud to be among the first dental practices in the state to use Solea®, which is widely regarded to be the pinnacle laser system of its kind on the market today. Dr. Alleman has invested in FDA-approved or FDA-cleared technologies, including lasers like Solea®, to minimize or eliminate the common sources of dental apprehension, fear, or simply those characteristics of conventional dentistry that patients dislike. While the technical specifications and applications may differ, these innovative tools are generally:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Gentle
  • Efficient
  • Precise
  • Conservative, preserve natural healthy tissues
  • Non-traumatic
  • Safe
  • Well-tolerated
  • Drill-free
  • No shots or scalpels

Unlike earlier-generation dental lasers, Solea® by Convergent Dental is an “all-tissue” laser. It is an appropriate way to manipulate soft tissue (gums) as well as hard tissue (enamel, bone). For this reason, Solea® is a “multi-functional” technology. With optimal speed and precision, Dr. Alleman focuses the laser beam on the treatment site to resolve:

  • Active gum disease – Lasers represent a comfortable alternative to cutting instruments to reduce the pockets between the teeth and gums, and to promote healthy reattachment. This gentle “deep cleaning” furthermore minimizes bleeding and discomfort associated with more invasive, traditional techniques to periodontal treatment.
Laser Dentistry Boulder CO

  • Cavities and other forms of tooth decay – Solea® is a valuable tool to prepare the natural tooth structure for our restorations made from high-quality dental materials. When in skilled hands, the laser adeptly removes decayed areas of the tooth to prepare it to “accept” a filling, inlay, onlay, or full-coverage crown.

We have also used Solea® successfully (and with glowing patient reviews!) for a range of other cosmetic and restorative treatments; for instance, to either augment recessed gums (with grafting) or to recontour a “gummy” smile.

The system is equipped with several computer-aided features, which add up to predictable, exceptional outcomes from laser-assisted treatments. For instance, computer-controlled mirrors inside of the device’s handpiece adjust the laser beam thousands of times each second. Patterns are tailored in an exacting way to the specific type of tissue that is being treated. Dr. Alleman’s scalpel-free cutting can go from smooth to coarse, and fast to extremely fast, effortlessly, and accurately.

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