Get precision nightguards while you wait with advanced technology at our Boulder, CO digital dental office

The journey to excellent oral health can be an uphill climb if you have bruxism. This condition refers to grinding your teeth, often at night during sleep. While the root cause of this sleep disorder remains elusive, at Alleman Family Dental, we are usually on the front lines of detecting bruxism. Dr. Alleman sees its effects during exams; bruxers are vulnerable to chips, fractures, and damage to teeth, crowns, and other restorations. Bruxers tend to have chronic headaches and TMJ symptoms. Fortunately, we are also on the front lines of effective oral therapy in Boulder, CO.

Nightguards, protect your smile and well-being

Dentists have many different oral appliances at their fingertips, from mouthguards to protect teeth from sports-related injuries to splints that reposition jaws and oral structures to improve breathing and snoring during sleep. Like other professional oral appliances, nightguards are custom fit to slip into the mouth precisely and comfortably. These devices are made from durable, proprietary resin. Since they are so lightweight and made to suit your mouth perfectly, patients typically adjust very quickly and without problems. 

The nightguards that you buy at the store or online may not be the best value. Though they tend to cost less upfront, they are not made exactly to your specifications, nor are they made from medical-grade materials. These appliances tend to be worn less (and what good is a device if it isn’t worn?) because they may rub up against the insides of your mouth and slip around during sleep. 

Considerable forces are also placed on the teeth and associated oral structures from grinding and clenching behaviors. To be an effective form of relief and to prevent damage, nightguards must be designed to withstand these extreme forces. Store-bought devices may be made from comparatively flimsy materials. They can be damaged relatively quickly from the pressure placed on them, and they don’t function as intended to provide optimal protection.

Nightguards Boulder CO

No-hassle, convenient process

Alleman Family Dental is proud to be a 100% digital office! What that means is that we can make all sorts of oral appliances on-site while you wait, in a single visit. We use the SprintRay Pro 3-Dimensional printer to plan, design, and fabricate in a day – rather than in the three to four weeks that it typically takes dental offices to produce your nightguards or other appliances. 

Traditionally, the wait is best for these devices because the dentist’s capacities are limited to taking impressions. Technicians in outside labs use these impressions or models of patients’ mouths to make nightguards. But with the SprintRay system, we have removed the outside “element” (external lab) entirely. And we now have control over every step of the process. Also, these systems are incredibly accurate; if we need to adjust nightguards or appliances like SureSmile aligners, no problem! Refinements can be made in no time, thanks to our advanced in-house equipment. 

Protect the investment that you’ve made in your smile. Get actual relief from headaches and other debilitating symptoms. Contact us today at (303) 482-0553 to find out more about the advanced treatments and processes for bruxism available at the office of Dr. Alleman in Boulder.