Elevate the beauty of your smile: Experience the “magic” of porcelain veneers in Boulder, CO

Porcelain veneers, skillfully crafted and placed by Alleman Family Dental, can take the appearance of your smile to new heights in Boulder, CO! Just how do veneers “work their magic”? Dr. Daniel Alleman is pleased to give you a taste of what to expect before, during, and after the process of making over your chipped, deeply stained, irregularly shaped, or otherwise “imperfect” teeth. We are also proud to design veneers that do not look “too perfect” (fake). They will blend in with the stunning natural beauty of the rest of your smile.

Step No. 1: Are you a fit for veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin layers of dental porcelain. They are precisely placed on the front surfaces of the teeth. Once bonded into place, the veneer disguises imperfections, including chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, and wear and tear that may make a tooth appear overly short or oddly shaped.

We will evaluate your smile concerns, as well as the health of your teeth and gums. Veneers are placed on healthy teeth whose gums are also free of disease. If you have more extensive oral health needs, we may recommend the following treatments as alternatives to cosmetic porcelain veneers:

  • Restorations such as porcelain crowns
  • Discreet orthodontic systems, such as SureSmile® aligners
  • KöR® whitening

Restorations and orthodontic treatments are generally more invasive and extensive than veneers; however, some alternatives are even more conservative than porcelain veneers. For instance, you may not need to “cover up” very dark discoloration. We use powerful KöR® whitening, which can lift even stubborn stains such as those caused using some antibiotics.

Step No. 2: The beauty is in the design

If you are an appropriate candidate for veneers, we will slightly reduce the tooth. Modern veneers require little alteration of natural tooth enamel because they are so thin. From there, the veneer itself is prepared by taking an impression of the reduced natural tooth or teeth. We will also perfectly match the color of the veneer to the surrounding teeth. This information about your veneers is sent to a lab, which fabricates them.


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Step No. 3: Enjoy your veneers!

Once your permanent veneers are ready, a conditioning liquid is applied to the natural, prepared enamel. This process ensures a strong bond between the teeth and the veneers. If all looks and feels well on your teeth, each veneer is securely bonded into place. Since preparation is so conservative, usually little to no numbing anesthetic is required. Sensitivity is minimized. Patients also appreciate that porcelain is so durable, looks so natural, and resists stains! Now, this is not to say your dental care should go on autopilot. We will discuss ways to keep your veneered teeth healthy and looking great; for instance, some patients may need to wear customized night-guards to protect the veneers from damage caused by chronic teeth-grinding.