Durable and stunning same-day crowns, made while you wait, in Boulder, CO

Alleman Family Dental appreciates that excellent oral care is more like an endurance hike than a quick trek. With consistently scheduled, routine visits to our office, Dr. Daniel Alleman can help you prevent conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease. These conditions are the leading causes of tooth loss. We also appreciate that, even with the best preventive care, accidents can arise. Changes to your overall health can present new challenges to your oral health. When the time comes to rebuild a portion of your tooth, we offer advanced, durable, convenient, and highly aesthetic same-day crowns from our well-appointed Boulder, CO office.

Dentistry that complements your busy lifestyle

Traditionally, crowns used to rebuild damaged, or decayed teeth require at least two visits to the dentist’s office. The first visit involves using a putty-like “goo” to take an impression of the tooth to be crowned and its neighbors. This impression is used as a model for ceramists in an outside dental lab to make the permanent crown. During this appointment, the tooth itself is “prepared” (decay removed, tooth-shaped) to “accept” the permanent crown. Usually, a temporary crown is placed to be worn for a few weeks until the lab completes your permanent crown and returns it to the dentist’s office. During the second visit, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown is placed. Minor refinements are made before the crown is “fixed” to the natural tooth structure. If more extensive adjustments are required, you would require a third visit.

At Alleman Family Dental, we have removed much of the hassle associated with the conventional crowns process. Here are some ways we differ from offices that don’t have onsite, same-day CEREC crowns technology:

Same Day Dental Crowns Boulder CO

  • For starters, to prepare the crown, we don’t use “goo.” We scan the teeth. A digital impression is rendered instantly and used to guide the design and fabrication of your new crown.
  • As you wait for the crown to be made, enjoy our comfy amenities! Sip a complimentary beverage. Wrap yourself in one of our weighted blankets. Relax with essential oils and catch up on your favorite Netflix “guilty pleasure.”
  • Using sophisticated software, your crown is precisely designed to your specifications. This feature minimizes the risk of poor fit associated with earlier-generation approaches to planning.
  • The crown itself is milled from a block of high-quality dental porcelain or zirconia. So, you can rest assured that your crowned tooth is built to last and looks indistinguishable from the rest of the natural, healthy teeth in your stunning smile.

During the same appointment, we will place the permanent crown (no annoying temporary!). And can also make final adjustments in-house. By partnering with our amenity-rich, high-tech office, you can get to smiling confidently and painlessly sooner. We look forward to seeing you. Call us at (303) 482-0553.