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This place is awesome! I recently had to have two crowns replaced and was a bit nervous, but was relaxed and comfortable minutes after sitting in the chair. Not only do they make their own crowns in-office but they have Netflix and nitrous to make it a very relaxing experience. The next day I couldn’t even tell that I had any work done in my mouth. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. The entire staff is super friendly and fun. Dr. Alleman is a perfectionist and it shows in his work.

Tara m.

I came into the Alleman Family dental practice as a new patient with a need for immediate dental work. As someone who has had a persistent fear of the dentist I didn't expect to have the wonderful experience that I did. Dr. Dan Alleman made time to fit me into an already busy end of year schedule, was patient with my fears, treated me with respect and by far exceeded my expectations. The office is lovely and the ability to watch Netflix while receiving treatment is a nice perk. The office staff and hygienists were friendly but truly it was Dr. Alleman that made this place worth going to. Five Stars to Alleman Family Dental, I know that they have won me over as a patient and I will be returning as a regular patient (hopefully fear-free) from here on out.

Michelle f.
Waiting area in Alleman Dental

I've been living in Colorado for five years and have been a patient of Dr. Dan since my arrival. I remember my first visit and was very impressed by how much time the team spent with me prior to my exam to better understand my medical history and current care plan as well as future expectations for my teeth. Most recently I had to replace a crown and Dr. Dan has the most up-to-date technology, which enabled me to complete the entire process in one appointment. Dr. Dan explained the entire procedure in great detail. The procedure was painless and I finished right on time. I would highly recommend Alleman Family Dental. The environment in the office is welcoming, honest and you can even watch Netflix during your procedure. The state of the art technology is incredible which makes me feel confident that I will have a healthy smile for years to come!

marysue g.

Dr. Alleman is very friendly and great at what he does. He is eager to show off his work and really explains his process well.His entire staff is very upbeat and quick to get things done.The entire practice is very clean and you can tell they take today's sanitation expectations very seriously.I got a filling today using their laser technology and I'll tell you, this is the best way to get it done. Didn't require local anesthesia or brain rattling drilling. It was quick and for the first time in my life, I didn't leave with half of my face feeling numb.I've been to a handful of dentists in Boulder and can easily say, this is the place to go.

tays a.

Dr. Alleman and team standout in both the quality of care and outright friendliness. I (nearly) look forward to going to the dentist. The practice surprises me all the time by being on the cutting edge of technology: laser drills, handheld x-rays, 3d printers. This is not your normal dentistry

nick s.
Photo of a chair in the Alleman Family Dental office

I rarely give my best kept secrets. Dr. Dan Alleman is not only a great person but does incredible work. His dental skills are meticulous & his staff is great. His cosmetic dentistry is incredible. He is amazing with kids. My whole family has gone here for years. He has an onsite lab, does fillings by laser without needles, and all the other latest tech. This person actually cares about his patients and doesn't just herd them through the door waiting on some lab to send something back. I go nowhere else. I've lived in Boulder since 1991 and no one is better. Dr. Dan & the staff- thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for my family over so many years.

Peter s.

I have been in Boulder for 2 years. Both my husband and I had bad experiences with some of the dentists in the area. He had an unnecessary procedure and I had a crown literally dropped down my throat. So I was nervous about a new dentist. But, I wanted to get my teeth cleaned so I needed to find someone. After asking around Dr. Alleman was recommended. I am typical in that dentists make me nervous. Right from the start the staff there made me feel welcome and comfortable. Not only was it easy to get an appointment that worked with my schedule, it was fast and efficient. Dr. Alleman has the latest technologies that made the exam and the following crown replacement super easy.

Mari s.

Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. The facility is state of the art and has a very comfortable feel to it. I have never been a 'fan' of dentists before coming to Dr. Alleman's office but after meeting with him and his staff I wouldn't go anywhere else. I had to have a couple of older fillings replaced and a new cavity filled, which has always been a source of anxiety for me. Dr Alleman explained a newer technology that he has used called a Solea laser which does not require any numbing shots or lengthy recovery while you drool all over yourself. It was all quick and painless and helps me no longer dread going to the dentist. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks to everyone @ Alleman Family Dentist

daniel c.
Dr. Alleman and a patient reviewing x-rays together

I highly recommend Alleman Family Dental. For starters, it's in a great downtown location just off of Pearl St., which is super convenient. Everybody there is very nice, great at what they do, and they have a lot of good safety measures to protect against viruses. They have the waiting room blocked off, take temperatures when you arrive, everyone is wearing a mask, etc. There's also suction devices for cleaning the air during messier procedures. I also found it cool how technologically up to date they are. I was just in recently to get a new retainer, and rather than taking a typical impression where you basically have to bite a chunk of Play-Doh, they had a fancy 3D scanning device which took just a few minutes to produce a full color 3D model of my mouth. Dr. Alleman also showed me his array of 3D printers and other instruments for making retainers and crowns in-house! After coming from a dentist which used paper charts and old school techniques, it's nice to go somewhere where they are faster, safer, and produce higher quality care due to their quick adaptation of evolving tech.

lucas c.

Dr. Dan and his staff are kind and funny (I deal with nerves by joking; doctors with no sense of humor are the worst), and they go out of their way to seek out the best and newest technology for maximum comfort, safety and efficiency. I’ve had crowns replaced and plenty of older fillings upgraded, and while it’s not my favorite way to spend a day, I don’t fear it the way I used to! Dr. Dan only recommends work when it’s necessary, isn’t stingy with pain prevention or treatments during procedures, and takes/shares photos of areas of concern, as well as work before and after it’s done. After having dentists who lied about things in the past to bill more work, I can’t say enough how much trust and humor matter.

chelsea m.

I had an emergency crown repair that I needed, and Dr. Alleman was able to completely fix it on very short notice. He’s attention to detail, explanations/communication, staff attentiveness and modern use of technology make this practice excellent.

christopher k.