SureSmile® precision-fit aligners to straighten teeth predictably, comfortably, and discreetly in Boulder, CO

The process of elevating the beauty of your smile should not be a source of additional pain, stress, or embarrassment. At Alleman Family Dental in Boulder, CO, we offer treatment options that are convenient, comfortable, precise, and a great value. These advanced options include SureSmile® aligners. Instead of using a system of metal wires, brackets, and rubber-bands to gradually reposition teeth, SureSmile® uses a series of clear (see-through) “aligners” to incrementally move the teeth into proper alignment. These aligners are oral appliances designed to specifically fit the contours of your teeth and gums. Once inserted into your mouth, they place gentle pressure on the teeth. This pressure slightly realigns the teeth, little by little. The aligners themselves are made from a safe and comfortable plastic. There is no silver-colored “hardware” to contend with, nor are there wires and brackets that can poke and rub against the insides of your mouth.

The makers of SureSmile®, Dentsply Sirona, note that their aligners differ from other clear aligner, braces-free systems due to their patented software and digital lab experts. These resources and support help to ensure that the aligners are precisely made for optimal fit and, in turn, optimal comfort, and straightening efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, its Primescan™ intraoral scanner processes more than 1 million3-dimensional points each second. This diagnostic technology, which aids in treatment planning and the fabrication of your aligners, produces an exceptionally realistic model of your teeth. If Dr. Alleman determines that you are a great candidate for SureSmile®, you can generally expect to:

  • Wear each aligner tray for at least 20 to 22 hours daily, including during sleep.
  • Insert the next tray in the series after one to two weeks of wear time.
SureSmile® Clear Aligners Boulder CO

  • Be sure to wear the aligners in the correct order. They are numbered for your convenience.
  • Before each insertion, clean the aligner as directed with Retainer Brite® products that do not stain, soften, warp, scratch, or otherwise damage the trays.
  • Only remove the aligners when eating, brushing, and flossing, or drinking hot, sweet, or highly pigmented beverages. Hot coffee, for instance, can warp the trays and alter their precision fit.
  • Around every four weeks, we will check your progress and give you your next sets of aligners.

Depending on your needs (minor misalignment versus more complex “bite” problems), treatment can be completed in around 6 to 18 months. Schedule your SureSmile® consultation to find out more about options to balance your bite and put confidence back into your smile.